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        Quality Management
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        Quality Policy:

          Improve product quality, reduce production costs.

          Reduce harmful substances, meet customers’ requirements.

          Improve environmental condition continuously, utilize resources rationally.

          Comply with the rules and regulations, ensure safety and effectiveness.


        Quality standard:

          The qualified percent of the warehousing finished products99.6%.


        Qualitymanagement framework:

          a) Materials management: Enhance vendors management and release it based on sample inspection.

          b) Employee management: Qualified workers, employee training and work permit.

          c) Equipment management: Factory facility and equipment lifecycle management ,calibration and maintenance.

          d) Environment management: Cleaning level control, environment condition management and detection.

          e) Machining Process management: technology transfer, process control and returned product remanufacture.

          f)  Inspection management: Library management and quality control.

          g) Product management: Strict standard for product release, reposition and transport.

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